a/X web 2 development

If you are looking for the HoinP library, it's just there, in contributions.

Now focusing on onother development activity, this site is currently on hold, staying on-line for some technical resources hosted here.

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Atelier Chapuis Royer
Architects office. A web site with a lot of custom JavaScript and jQuery, for animations. Projects database is multilingual (a.t.m., only French is filled in). There is a file management sytem to share informations with customers and technical offices, with an acces control list feature.
Alina Cociere, painter.
This site is web2. The JavaScript diaporama uses jQuery. I released the source under LGPL. The artist has a back-office to manage the paintings database. Site is bilingual automatically. Served as application/xhtml+xml to capable browsers.
Web site of the district of Treschenu-Creyers. One small database for listing professionals and the news, available by an RSS 2.0 feed.

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